M1llionz - Bando Spot

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  • Дата релиза: 12-07-2021, 09:45
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Текст песни M1llionz - Bando Spot:
Ayy, ayy, what now?

Yeah (so productive)
Yo, I'll take you to the bando shop (what?)
I'll let you lick the sales I got
MPR's on the M, it's hot (skrr)
So don't smoke 'til we hit the spot (whoa)
Outta town, that's Bajan rock
One to two fam from this flake I got

Have you spendin' all your prof' (haha)
Just ring my phone when you wanna cop', whoa
Yo, you can have it your way, I can come to you
But there's gonna be a delivery charge
Only if they knew what the T House does
They wouldn't be callin' me an industry plant (real shit)
You didn't know that the zoot she buns
Come big and green like Finsbury Park (big knots, big knots)
I got a number one in the track, it was way before I got my ri