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Ghostemane - Blood Zuzie (remix)

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  • Дата релиза: 5-07-2021, 15:00
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Текст песни Ghostemane - Blood Zuzie (remix):
Mer mer mer mer sat on the wall
Please try and make me the coolest kid of them all,
This girl with the hair better beware cause
Burn everything to the floor
Every motherfucker got something to say but never wanna say it to my face
Back in the lab again trapped in a labyrinth just like the devil knocking on my door
Told him go away he's a persistent one

Entered my brain and made me commit murder then sever appendages
F#ck a burial I'll throw the body up in a wood chipper chipper 'cause they're never gonna find you
Blackest of mages I made it out of Tartarus your favorite label wants me, they don't wanna sign you