Eminem - FACK

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Текст песни Eminem - FACK:
Owwww, owwww, owwww (Oh, god damn!)
I'm gonna facking cum! (Oh, shit!)
Fack, fack, fack (Fuck, I am!)
I am, I'm going to cum (I'm cumming!)
I never seen no chick like this
This bitch can twist like a damn contortionist
Condom on my dick? Of course it is
This bitch don't know what abortion is
So I can't cum in her, fucks like a porn star

Looks like Jenna, fuck I'm gonna
Cum, I think my rubber's comin' off
But oh, it's so fucking wet and soft
Fuck, I'm gonna start lettin' off
I'm squirting and she's not gettin' off
And she's on top, I'm gonna facking
Oh, god, oh, don't do that
Don't, stop, stop, don't, I don't mean "don't stop"
Ow, wait a minute, ow, ow, fuck

And you're so fucking hot
Oh my god, I wanna facking fack
No not "fuck", I said "fack"
F-A-C-K, F-A-C-K
Fack, fack, fack, facking freak me!
Oh yeah, girl see, baby, they call me Mr Freaky
Let's call your sister, three-way
I am, I'm going to cum (I'm cumming!)
I'm Slim Shady, uh uh uh
I'm Slim Shady, uh uh uh
Shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube
Ew ew ew ew