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Текст песни NEFFEX - Time:
I'm so sorry
For the pain that I cause
Can't retract these claws
Once they're out you can't stop me
I'm destructive and cocky
Till I fall like a jockey
Off my high horse and back to nothing
Got these scars all from me trusting
And they bleed can't stop the flooding
When I open them back up I know it's disgusting
Trust me
And I work every day
Just to hear them say
That it's not enough

That I'm not enough
I should just give up
Half empty cup
In my mind ugh
Thoughts hold me down
I keep fighting drown
Screaming out so loud
Can you hear me now?!
Can you hear me now?!
No response a drought
From a silent mouth
The harsh sound of doubt

Hear that sound
Soft yet loud
I just feel like I've been running out
Of time, of time, of time, of time
Of time, of time, of time, of time
Of time, of time, of time, of time